Bill Barrons: The Wisdom of the Military

When I joined the Marines to fight in World War Two, I proved to be an outstanding rifleman.  Instead of having me use that ability, I was sent to a school to learn to type excellently. Becoming a Personnel Sergeant in a Marine Air Group overseas, I typed official correspondence and lots of records.  On my own time, I typed letters to my hometown newspaper, my family, friends and of course lots of girls, about non-classified things.

    My Commanding Officer had to censor my letters and he claimed I had a unique ability to write fiction!  He said after the war I should study writing in college and make a career of it.

    Instead, I got married, had kids and then went to college. Instead of writing, I studied engineering subjects.  I had to make a living and had no time for writing although the urge was there, always.

       Corresponding with my eighteen year old Granddaughter, who also had the writing bug, I suggested that she write crime novels as they required so little research.

    “Hey there William Barrons!” I shouted to myself.  It suddenly hit me that I should write mystery novels and by golly, I have! Such writing requires a lot of imagination and I have that in spades!

    Trying to stay at my computer for six hours a day, seven days a week, even at the age of eighty nine, fulfills my life long passion for telling stories.  In truth, I never tire of conceiving such tales and putting them down on paper.  From the heart I say, for me, writing is not work, it is pure fulfillment.

    My fondest hope is to continue writing FOREVER!

About William Barrons

Born 1926, in Cadillac, Michigan, the oldest boy of fourteen kids. Survived the Great Depression and joined the Marines the day after I turned 17. Could hardly wait to go fight those nasty Nazis and Japanese. Served 2½ war years in the Marines. Got married, went to college, had kids, re-joined the Marines in 1949 - in time for the Korean War. Became a Marine Second Lieutenant but was a Platoon Commander only for a short while as my sick wife nearly died and I had to resign to care for my family. Became a Telephone equipment engineer with AT&T in Chicago. Then was a kitchen and home remodeling designer for 22 years. Retired at age 69 and began to research and write novels. At age 89, I’m still at it!