Marine Corps Daze by William Barrons


Being an Amazon Best Seller
Sure beats being in the cellar!
I’ve just got to write
All the day ‘til night –
It makes me feel like a rich feller!

Bill Barrons


Marine Corps Daze was #1 in Genre.

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February 14, 2016

Available on as a Kindle ebook for $2.99 or on Kindle Unlimited

Available on Createspace as a paperback for $10

Marine Corps Daze by William Barrons is a hilarious account of a young man who enlisted in the USMC on the day after his 17th Birthday of 1943 because his birthday was on a Sunday. He faced the hardships and glory of the War in the Pacific armed only with a manual typewriter and an incredible eye for details. His memoire of World War Two and the days after will jog your memory of locations such as San Diego, Pearl Harbor, the Marshall Islands and Chicago.

About William Barrons

Born 1926, in Cadillac, Michigan, the oldest boy of fourteen kids. Survived the Great Depression and joined the Marines the day after I turned 17. Could hardly wait to go fight those nasty Nazis and Japanese. Served 2½ war years in the Marines. Got married, went to college, had kids, re-joined the Marines in 1949 - in time for the Korean War. Became a Marine Second Lieutenant but was a Platoon Commander only for a short while as my sick wife nearly died and I had to resign to care for my family. Became a Telephone equipment engineer with AT&T in Chicago. Then was a kitchen and home remodeling designer for 22 years. Retired at age 69 and began to research and write novels. At age 89, I’m still at it!